Day 3 Of Protest Continue Over The Unjust Death of George Floyd

George Floyd

By now many have seen the horrifying video of George Floyd killed by several police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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Former NBA Player Stephen Jackson Speaks about Killing Of Friend George Floyd

Reaction to the video has incited mass outrage on social media and ignited tensions brewing in the city of Minneapolis. Other cities such as St. Louis, MO and Columbus, Oh have also joined the protest to show solidarity and their overwhelming disgust at the system that allows police to become judge, jury, and executioner with no severe consequences for their severe actions.

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Many came out to voice their disgust by congregating in a peaceful manner, but soon tensions rose as police tried to quelch the violence and armed themselves with rubber bullets and rioting gear.

Once what was a peaceful protest turned to a vicious demonstration of unrest by the citizens. For three nights, thousands of people flooded the streets rioting and burning down the neighboring businesses. Police have started responding by arresting rioters and protestors including CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and his camera crew who were arrested live on television.

These are The Images Of George Floyd That You Should See

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The Death of 46-year Old George Floyd seems to be the same story that we have heard before; an Unarmed Black man meets an unnecessary execution by the hands of overzealous police officers.

Points to Know:

  • The four police officers involved have all been terminated
  • Floyd’s Family Intends to have an independent autopsy done and ask for peace from the masses
  • FBI and the US. Justice department agrees to do an in-depth investigation into the death and tactics used by the Minneapolis police dept.
  • University of Minneapolis has limited their interaction with the Minneapolis police dept. in response to Floyd’s murder